Romanian for Chinese

This is a course dedicated to Chinese people living in Romania, who want to learn Romanian language as a benefit in their daily life, for both personal and professional areas.  


Rezultate obţinute în urma participării la curs:

If you are a Chinese, living in Romania and you wish a smooth integration in Romanian culture, a Romanian language course can prove to be extremely useful in your daily life or in the case you look for employment. The ability to have conversations, from the daily ones to job interviews,  increases the possibilities of obtaning a job in local companies and makes this course a way to expand your chances, in both personal and professional areas.


Cunostinte minime pentru accesul la curs

not necessary


Modul I

The Romanian language alphabet – the letters of Romanian language

Modul II

The Romanian language phonetic’s  - vowels, semi-vowels, consonants, groups of sounds

Modul III

The accent in Romanian language – the correct accent usage in Romanian words pronouncement   

Modul IV

The syllables – syllables definition and hyphenation (words division in syllables)

Modul V

The vocabulary: fundamental vocabulary and vocabulary mass

Modul VI

The construction of sentences and phrases

Modul VII

The grammar of Romanian language

  • morphology (noun, article, adjective, pronoun, numeral, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection)
  • syntax (subject, predicate, attribute, complement)

Modul VIII

General geographical and cultural knowledge about Romania


Trainer - Anca Niculae

anca niculaeAnca Niculae, Romanian and Chinese language teacher, with over 19 years of experience, has a big desire of teaching Romanian language to Chinese people . She proves to have a big capability for motivating and involving her students along the learning process, making it easier and pleasant. As an outstanding professor, her teaching method is driven by the passion for her work, obtaining each time great results.


Open sessions

Starting: November 2015

Period: 16 week

Schedule :Monday - 19:00 - 21:00

Local: Titani, str. Prisaca Dornei 2E

Cost: 2..000 lei

Early bird: 19 october - 13 november

Cost: 2.000 lei - 1.800 lei 

* Minimum group of participants is 6. Maximum group of participants is 12.
* The course starts only if the group number is achieved.
* For total payment until November 13th, there is a 5% discount.


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Romanian for Chinese